The history of MJMC

In 2008, Mgr Ernest Kombo sj gave the decree of canonical diocesan erection to the MJMC, our religious Institute present in his diocese of Owando in RC. Today, it is Mgr Fidèle Nsielele zi M’putu, Bishop of Kisantu (DRC), who spiritually and legally accompanies our young religious Institute present in Africa, Europe and America. “(Extract from the homily pronounced during the Mass of thanksgiving to the Lord on the occasion of the obtaining of the canonical erection decree, on December 25, 2008).  This homily is rightly considered as one of the founding documents of our religious Institute which it describes in turn, with happiness we believe, the charisma, spirituality, apostolates, history. The MJMC, come – on the one hand, from the grouping of ex-religious and ex-seminaries supervised by Father Nzuzi Bibaki sj and encouraged by his Eminence Cardinal Etsou, founded by Father Nzuzi Bibaki sj, whose story of birth we have just told, – and on the other hand, from the Public Association of the Servant Brothers of Cana, founded by Mgr Ernest Kombo sj in 1986.

The walking of the Brother Servants of Cana had started in Divinié in the Diocese of Nkayi in Rcongo while Mgr Ernest Kombo sj was Bishop there. A group of young people had organized to live as diocesan religious in this diocese of Nkayi. Mgr Ernest Kombo sj had accompanied this group, to verify its seriousness and the originality of the emerging charism, by a team from New Way, then by two diocesan priests and by the Brothers of Saint Gabriël.

The Episcopal Conference of the Congo, meeting in Brazzaville from January 3 to 9, 1989, encouraged this initiative of diocesan religious life of the lay Brothers. This walking of the Servant Brothers of Cana continued in Brazzaville then in the dioceses of Owando and Kinkala. From what precedes, we understand better the name of the religious family resulting from the meeting of “Missionaries of Saint Luke” and of “Brothers Servants of Cana” namely the “Missionaries of Jesus and Mary at Cana“. It was cloned, so to speak, from the words “Missionaries” taken from the former and “Cana” taken from the second. The names “Jesus and Mary”, which recall the Society of Jesus, were added by the two Jesuit founders, Monsignor Ernest Kombo and Father Nzuzi Bibaki. (Extract from the Constitutions of the MJMC and their canonical erection decree signed by Mgr Ernest Kombo sj, March 22, 2008)